10 @ 10: Watch & Concealer

I’m doing this to keep my poetry writing sharp. Here’s how it goes:

10 mins on the clock

Pick an object


Oh yeah @10pm…

I missed a day so today I’m going to free write using two objects. This could either go really well or…well let’s see

Objects: Watch & Concealer

I dial you up 
You weren't an easy find 
The steel of your screwdown against these plush ridges  
It's a dance to make the hands move 
Make the hands tell of a time when beauty was not concealed 
Where masks were the face of the door to deeper 

Now, we make the hands move 
A rigid waltz of stale goodbyes 
The mould is now our mask 
We're comfortable here 

Comfortable letting the fur form 
Letting the sage modulate from blue to white to purple 
To purple 

We make the hands move 
You made the hands move
Your hands moved to a beat that I try to forget 

You were a painter 
I was a canvas that you no longer respected 
A canvas you deemed unworthy 
Where spilt paint was no longer abstract masterpiece but mistake 
Late autumn tones modulate to  pinkish spring hues to the reds of summer 

I never knew mahogany could bruise 
Never knew the power of a drugstore concealer 
I became the artist 
Reminded myself that this canvas was Rembrandt
That hall of mirrors welcomed my smile 
That this figure be marble pillar in Versailles 

I let the summer oranges take their leave 
As cooler winds brushed the marks you left away 
I am what Picasso’s mind strove to manifest 
What simple oil paints could never achieve 

I am not easy to find 
I am time and don't just tell it 
I am uncollectable collecters edition

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