10 @ 10: Spray Bottle

I’m doing this to keep my poetry writing sharp. Here’s how it goes:

10 mins on the clock

Pick an object


Oh yeah @10pm…

Object: Spray Bottle

The sound of you is like the ocean breeze 
A seashell to the ear moment 
Where I shut the world out 
Zone in to your calming whisper 

The smell of you is satisfying 
Not in the favourite meal after a terrible day sense 
But that chocolate bar that triggers the endorphines after a laughter ladened day 
That full feeling from devouring conversations with trusted friends
Where nothing is everything and everything is nothing 

You taste of salt 
Of candy and sour patch kids 
Of surprising zing and a squishy bite 
You taste of summer days 
Of sticky hands 
Of grazed knees 
Of the tears they produced 
Of the adventure that led to the fall
You taste of fall

The sight of you is like the fall leaves 
The sight of you is like springs blossoms morphing to the fire of death 
Of the cycle of growth and rebirth 
You look like death 
Sounds morbid but it's acutally beautiful 
You look like someone not afraid to let go 
Not afraid to empty yourself because you know metamorphosis is around the corner 

You feel like the trigger on my spray bottle 
Simple but powerful 
I think the physicists call it potential energy 
But you are more than potential 
You are manifestation 
You are 
You are 
You are the cool liquid emerging from this bottle soothing my irritated scalp 
You are ease 
You are balm 
You are 

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