Believe the hype: Atomic Habits

I’m sure someone rolled their eyes.

Okay. We’ve got it out of our system. Let’s get on to this non-review.

Everyone and their Mama (hey Mama) seems to have read Atomic Habits by James Clear (I am probably going to nerd out about it to my Mama after this post).

As I have mentioned in previous ‘Bookaholics’ installments, I am not here to do the typical review…I’m sure you can find that via your fave BookTuber or another avenue.

I think the tone of this particular post is to present the case for you buying and reading this book. Especially, if like me you were rolling your eyes and slightly put off by the hype.

James Clear has a neuroscience and psychology laced approach to habits that also marries the realities of being human. We have all heard the importance of good habit formation yet we still have ‘bad habits’. We know the theory but try as we may, in practice it is a different story.

Why is that? Well get the book to find out but the principles revolve around the four laws of behavioural change.

The 3 R's of Habit Change: How To Start New Habits That Actually Stick

James Clear details this for both habit formation and habit deconstruction.

His style of writing encourages you to implement and reflect as you read. The real life examples and stories drive home the points made.

If you follow me on twitter you probably get a preview of the book I’m about to do a non-review of. You also get my real time ‘aha’ moments. I’ll end this post on one of these ‘aha’ moments to maintain brevity of this post

Let me know your thoughts if you do read Atomic Habits.

Until next time.

P x

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