A Kingdom Lens on Race

I honestly don’t know how to start this particular non-review.

My aim with these is to not only keep some form accountability with reading but also provide some insights on the book in focus without spoilers.

Let’s just see what comes out of my pen, shall we?

Number 1: please read this book regardless of your faith persuasion

It is no secret I’m a Christian. It is also no secrete that I am a Christian who believes in both orthodoxy and orthopraxy aka truth in practice

Dr Tony Evans marries his over 40 years of ministry experience to not only provide a biblical and kingdom perspective on race relations but also provides solution. Solutionable calls to action that are gospel fuelled and sociologically sensitive.

I believe that the Kingdom of God is a very practical solution to a lot of issues we see in the world. It irks me to see the passivity and lack of engagement in culture, however I can also recognise that this may be due to people not knowing the richness and beauty of this Kingdom message.

Number 2: please read this book

As I mentioned in the begining, I don’t want to give too much away. So I will end on this note:

Dr Tony Evans not only writes beautifully but there is a clarity and clarion call to action that is biblically fuelled and Christ centred. His faith is not without works and it is reflected in His writing. This is a well researched book richened with the empathy and personal experience. Not only acknowledging but addressing and actioning.

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