Refreshing takes from R.C. Blakes Jr.

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

If you happen to be reading this way after the original date of posting…the greeting still stands and use the video below as a reference 💖

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Humour and greetings aside let’s get into my first bookaholics non-review of 2022.

I came across these books via the lovely coaches in a community called The Flourish Tribe for Christian women.

I read ‘The Father Daughter Talk’ first and whew! Where do I even begin…

It was refreshing. You may see this phrase repeated a lot and it may or may not be in the title of this post. Honestly, it was refreshing and I don’t write it lightly.

It was also a great follow up to the last reads I blogged about.

Why was it refreshing?

Hold on, hold on I’ll get there.

R.C. Blakes has a very conversational style to his writing which helps the depth and oft-times harsh realities of the subject matter at hand go down better. I think it was Mary Poppins who said “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”.

R.C. Blakes writing is like sugar to the medicinal dissection of the sociological nuances explored in his books.

The Father Daughter Talk more than delivered. I hate hyping books. We’ve all been there. When the hype does not match the reality.

BUT let me hype this book because honestly…chefs kiss.

Once I start using food terms to describe how much I love a book…you know it is good.

So, to avoid spoilers my general takeaway is this: ‘The Father Daughter Talk’ was a warm hug that equips you for the frostbite world.

R.C. Blakes does not shy away from the harsh realities yet lovingly brings the salve of wisdom into the wounds left by absentee fathers.

I not only gained insight but the perspective shift and introspection that occurred through this reading experience was a milestone, to say the least.

What a start to the new year eh?

I moved on to book two (2) on the recommended reading which was Queenology.

I too rolled my eyes initially at the title as it brought to mind Hotep discourse on the Twitter streets.

But don’t worry, this is not in that school of thought.


This read was refreshing.

R.C. Blakes intersperses a fictional tale throughout the book to delve into various topics that address the socialisation of women and its resulting fruit.

This book is an excellent follow up to Queenology and has a balanced male lens that according to some critics breaks the “man code”.

I don’t want to disclose too much but both books were a packed and enjoyable read which (wait for it) refreshed the soul ready to take on all that 2022 has for me.

I’ll end with this quote and encourage you to grab your copy

P ✨💖

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